H.A.I.R. Of The Dog…

Man’s best friend – Regis

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings

Same dog, different day.  What a difference a haircut makes.  These were all commissioned at separate times after variable groomings.  Now the caregiver of “Regis” will make a triptych to hang over his sofa.  So cute!  I love custom dog portraits.  Out of all of the work I do, I believe these bring the most joy to my collectors. 🙂



Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 1.05.38 PM


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The Age Of Light

Grimalkin Studio

Golden day mandala WEBGrimalkin Studio recently came upon a great series that gives us a glimpse of where we came from, Waldemar Januszczak’s landmark BBC4 series

“The Dark Ages – An Age of Light”. It’s a four part series that traces the artistic contributions of the Dark Ages.

Part I, “The Clash of the Gods”, traces the emergence of Christianity as an artistic force incorporating and replacing the Classical, pagan influence.

Part II, “What the Barbarians Did for Us”, presents the barbarian Vandals, Goths and Huns as something more than warriors, invaders and destroyers by focusing on their artistic and architectural achievements.

Part III, “The Wonder of Islam” introduces the distinctive forms of Islamic architecture and “art designed to depict the wonders of Paradise” along with a discussion of the incorporation of their artistic impulse into their astronomical study.

Part IV, “The Men of the North presents the Vikings as creators of stunning artwork as…

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Sometimes It’s More Than Just A Piece of ART…

This is one of the special reasons I love being an artist!

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings

“We lost our father in May and my mom has been pretty down so she was extremely excited that you would be able to paint her a piece of art that is so lovely.  She fell in love with your “Summer Queen”.   Her mother was an artist for over 50 years but she got glaucoma and other eye problems and had to stop. Your art has beautiful colors that even she can see with her limited sight.  They are both looking forward to this very much.” T.S.


It’s nowhere near finished yet, but as I work on this piece for a woman that I do not even know, I am so touched by how much joy it will be bringing to her and her mother. Sometimes being an artist involves more than just creating a pretty picture.  I am humbled and honored.


Summer Queen

Acrylic/Texture Medium on Canvas

Sharon Cummings

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Art of Selling

Terrific advice from artist, Christina Rollo!


Selling Art Online

Often times I don’t realize how much knowledge and experience I have acquired until I receive your questions and comments regarding nature, photography and the art of selling. Continue reading for answers to the most commonly asked questions I receive, and enjoy a few of my hummingbirds along the way.

Are you selling your photography?

Yes, I’ve been selling my photography for several years now. However, it hasn’t been an easy road. I’ve spent a great deal of time learning, editing, and marketing my work. In addition to many other activities such as social networks, exhibits, photo competitions, etc. All have helped me to present my work to the public and move my photography career forward. I try not to expect too much at one time. When I do a self comparison, it’s usually a comparison of where I was last year, not yesterday or last week.

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A beautiful blue hour glimpse into nature’s wake up call!

Jo Ann Tomaselli ~ Visual & Verbal Reflections

Blue hour dawn long exposure art photo SLIP SLIDIN’

Jo Ann Tomaselli ~ Fine Art Photography

A sliver of a moon appears in the blue-hour dawn as sunrise breaks the horizon.

A long exposure paints the sky deep blue and the water silken.

Mother Nature beautifully illuminates the Carolina Coast – yet again.  Amen!







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Google+ by Jo Ann Tomaselli

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Acting like a M-A-D dog?

Maybe we all should be asking ourselves a little more often “What Can I Do?” They say “Love makes the world go round”!

Jo Ann Tomaselli ~ Visual & Verbal Reflections

Dog Art Graffiti in Cuba MAD DOG

Jo Ann Tomaselli ~ Fine Art Photography

When I find myself mad at global events the 1st thing I do is complain,
and this is followed by the question: But what can I do about it?
Not often enough do I ask:
How can I put my wishes for a better world into action? How can I serve?

“Our present time is indeed a … critical time
hovering between the wish
and the inability to believe.
Our complaints are like arrows
shot up into the air at no target and,
with no purpose,
they only fall back upon our own heads
and destroy ourselves” William Temple

I imagine Martin Luther King said it best when he wrote:
“Anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve.
You don’t have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve.
You don’t have to know…

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What great advice to send us into a new year!

Jo Ann Tomaselli ~ Visual & Verbal Reflections

A small boat tied to a dock at sunrise for-sale online THE GOOD LIFE

Jo Ann Tomaselli ~ Fine Art Photography


The value of time
The success of perseverance
The pleasure of working
The dignity of simplicity
The worth of character
The improvement of talent
The influence of example
The obligation of duty
The wisdom of economy
The virtue of patience
The joy of originating
The power of kindness







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Google+ by Jo Ann Tomaselli

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